Contact the Change Agents team on:

You can run a project alone or with a group of other students

How to get involved

Registering for Change Agents

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to change, improve or introduce, get in touch with the team or the relevant Change Agents contact within your College, listed by subject on the contacts page.

You must also register through the online form on MyCareerZone; you will be prompted for your MyCareerZone login details by clicking on this link. 

Preparing your project idea

Before you begin the main workload behind your project, we ask you to attend a couple of short training workshops and complete a simple project plan that gives you a clear understanding of what and who is involved in your idea, and acts as a guide to managing your project.

If you don’t have an idea for what you would like to change, but you know that you would like to take part in Students as Change Agents, please still complete the online registration form or get in touch with us. We can help you to focus on what’s important to you about the education experience, and form ideas from there.

Alternatively, you can explore the resources section here, which includes guidance for finding project ideas, and reports on the Change Agents projects ran in previous years.

What counts as a Change Agents project?

Change Agents projects must be ideas generated by students. Ideas can come from discussions with staff and through SSLCs, but Change Agents is not appropriate for University staff to asign you an area to research.

The most important aspect of Change Agents is that you as the student retain ownership of the project, and therefore the direction of change being driven. We will match you to a member of University or College-based staff, but this is to ensure you have a friendly face to speak to, seek guidance from, and ask for help if you have difficulties with any aspect of your project.

We ask that your project focuses on the educational experience at Exeter, or how the University delivers any part of that to its students. Students at our Exeter campuses can also explore projects relating to areas looked after by the Students' Guild, although these projects will be supported through Student Ideas, and not by University staff and the process detailed on these pages here. 

If you are unclear about any of the guidance above, the resources section contains more details, or you can contact the team for advice.