Students completing a Change Agents project have very little extra to do to also complete the Exeter Award

Students leading a project can even use their hours to contribute to the Exeter Leaders Award

Training and skills development

Mandatory training sessions

To help you get started with the essential skills for project management, we ask you to complete the following two training sessions, which you will be able to book after completing the online registration form:

  • “Change Agents Induction” (online session)
    This sessions looks at the skills of project managers, the importance of managing project risks and your responsibilities as a Change Agent.
  • “Think about creative planning” (2 hours)*
    This session helps you create and focus the main model of your project, by introducing you to a tool known as the Business/Venture Model Canvas.

*For Penryn students, if the next occurrence of this session is not visible or is too far away, you can also take "An Introduction to Project Planning".

If you believe you would not find these sessions useful as they would duplicate what you already know, and you can provide evidence of a similar level of training or using these skills, you do not need to attend these sessions. Please note though, that you must still complete and upload the Venture Model Canvas to your record in order to start and complete your project. 

This may be the case if you have completed these sessions previously, have previous experience of project management, are running more than one Change Agents project, or have been involved in a previous Change Agents project and can provide evidence that you have covered essential skills such as project planning.

Further training, the Exeter Award, and Exeter Leaders Award

This new process has been designed to allow to you to complete the Exeter Award or Exeter Leaders Award alongside your project with minimal extra tasks needed to complete these awards. You can use your project hours as volunteer hours towards the Exeter Award, or your leadership of a project towards the Exeter Leaders Award.

As such, you will be invited to take part in a third training session from the Award programmes, and based around one of the following skills designed to help you run your project:

Persuading, Influencing and Negotiating Skills 

Time and Stress Management Strategies 

Understanding Team Dynamics 

Networking Essentials 

Leadership Skills 

These five sessions have been picked as the most useful skills associated with Change Agents. If you feel, based on the focus of your project, you would benefit from a training session not listed here but included in the Career Zone’s “Skills for Workplace” programme, please flag this with the staff member supporting you.