Your involvement as a Peer Leader will be recognised on your HEAR

Peer Leaders are eligible for The Exeter Award, and in some cases, the Exeter Leader's Award

Benefits for Peer Mentors

In addition to Peer Support being incredibly beneficial for mentees, the scheme also offers the students who volunteer as Peer Mentors a number of key benefits:

Enhances your Academic Performance

Mentoring students in your area of study consolidates your own subject knowledge from previous years resulting in a more well-rounded understanding going forward.  It is often said that you fully understand something when you can help others to understand it, and Peer Support gives you the opportunity to recap on your previous course content and demonstrate this.

Improves your Employability & Develops Strong Transferable Skills

Through planning, organising and leading sessions with mentees, you will gain excellent experiences to put on your CV and talk about at interviews.  Employers are very interested in students who can show that they have leadership skills, can communicate confidently, can use their initiative and work in a team; all of which are skills that being a Peer Mentor will help you to develop (and many more!).  Peer Mentors are also eligible for The Exeter Award which will help you stand out from the crowd when looking for a graduate role.

Training and Development

To equip and support you for your role as a Peer Mentor, you will receive an ongoing Training and Development Programme designed to give you the skills you need and to help you reflect on your experience.  You will also have regular meetings with the Peer Programme Organiser(s) for ongoing support and to allow you to feedback on any issues.

Rewards and Recognition

You’re involvement as a Peer Mentor will be recognised on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report)*.  This is an enhanced academic transcript that contains detailed information about your learning and achievements which, along with your degree certificate, will support applications for employment and further study.

Towards the end of the academic year, Peer Mentors are also invited to an annual Celebration Event, where their achievements are awarded and recognised. 

* To have your involvement as a Peer Mentor recognised on your HEAR, you must complete all stages of the Peer Mentor Training and Development Programme on MyCareerZone - This is so we can verify your involvement.



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