The celebratory buffet provided by Spires Café

Peer leaders

Peer Mentor Celebration Event 2015/16

The University’s first Peer Mentor Celebration and Award ceremony took place on Tues 26th May 2015 in the Northcott Theatre Bar/Café. Attended by over 50 students and staff, the event was a great success with Outstanding Contribution awards going to 7 leaders: runners up were Kristell Grainger, Stephen Biles, Joseph Beadle, Alina Ivan, Craig Barnes, and Lucas Young all being awarded a £10 Amazon Voucher each, with the overall winner of Amoe Mkwena being awarded a £20 Amazon gift voucher. Guests enjoyed a buffet lunch and speeches from Sean Mackney (Director of Student Education and Engagement), and Paul Blackmore (Head of Employability and Graduate Development).

Peer programmes support all members of the academic community providing guidance and advice across the disciplines. They are a vital part of the transition into university life for both home and international students. Significant contributors to the success of peer programmes are the leaders and mentors who are the face of the programme, the discipline and the university, in particular for new students. Their efforts help students to feel a part of their discipline and experience the community of learning.

Our leaders strive to develop themselves as mentors and offer the best service. They are an enterprising group who embrace new challenges and find creative ways to solve problems. They suggest collaborative avenues to support students with their studies and university life, often taking the initiative to suggest alterations to peer programmes. Their proactive approach inspires new students who then feel more able and confident to take on new challenges themselves.

We hope such celebrations will continue in future years to recognise the immense contribution made by our leaders and mentors.