Peer programmes offer many benefits to students involved

Benefits for Mentees

Participating in Peer Support is a fun way to improve knowledge and skills within a discipline and hence improve your grades. Peer Support offers a supportive and inclusive environment where experienced students offer guidance to address subject material, discuss concerns, work through examples  and direct you to further resources as appropriate. Leaders offer insights into their own experiences of a subject, and will engage you in amusing subject oriented activities designed to aid your understanding of the topic.

The benefits of peer oriented programmes are numerous and complex. Such programmes provide a forum to welcome students into a community of practice for their college and subject area where they can engage with and debate topics of interest.  Such an inclusive and supportive network of peers encourages the development of confidence, team work, camaraderie, respect, and empathy.

As well as enhancing knowledge and skills in the discipline aiding achievement, peer programmes also offer:

  • Support & guidance
  • A non-threatening & developmental environment
  • Social benefits
  • Increased academic confidence and achievement
  • Improved communications, teamwork, collaborative problem solving & interpersonal skills

Students find these sessions a great way to make new friends and find out information not only about the subject area but also for personal living and social activities.


A personal touch

Nikita Frere, CLES Buddy Scheme mentee


Benefits for students

Naomi Perrini-Rimmer & Jamie Armstrong, Modern Languages


Different to lectures

Peer Support leaders from Geography