About Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is deceptively simple. It gets second year undergraduate students and PhD students meeting regularly with first years in small tutorial groups.

First year students gain from having the experience of students who have ‘been there before’, while second year students gain experience of leading small groups, communication skills, teaching training and increased confidence. A certificate reflecting this achievement is presented to students at the end of the year (linked to the Exeter award).

In addition our peer coaching scheme uses Facebook to create online ‘networks of learners’. Something that a recent survey of our students revealed they are already doing informally. This project aims to formalise these networks and widen their use to create a framework for group discussion and student support.

Peer Coaching feedback

The project itself, I think is a really good idea.

I was quite nervous when we started but once you just get in there and everyone’s talking all over each other, it was fine, really good.

We don’t just discuss course stuff, we discuss everything.

if you’ve got a student saying it to you and they’re only a year older than you it’s a bit more closer to home than having a lecturer say it to you.

if you’ve got the help in the first year then you’re maybe going to feel more settled, more comfortable, you’re going to be better in the second year.