All research entered into the competition must have been completed at the University of Exeter

Students Mike Kimberley and Angus Laurenson, pictured here with Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter, at the 2014 "Posters in Parliament" event

What counts as research?

We will accept the following list of activities as being suitable content for entry:

  • Independent research completed as part of an undergraduate dissertation or assignment
  • Research completed as part of research internship at the University of Exeter
  • Research completed as part of a work placement integral to an undergraduate course
  • Enterprise activity focused on social, economic or market research
  • Research completed as work done towards Grand Challenges
  • Any research findings of a Students as Change Agents project, even if this is not yet complete.

This list is not exhaustive and can also include any other extra-curricular activity so long as it has a clear focus on research and was completed at the University of Exeter.

Criteria for entry

All entries to the poster competition must satisfy the following criteria. When submitting your poster on MyCareerZone we will ask that your work complies with all of the below.

  • All posters must be in A0 portrait and submitted as a PDF file type.
  • All research must have been completed through activities or courses at the University of Exeter.
  • There is no limit to the number of authors contributing to the poster. At least one of the authors must be a current undergraduate or must have graduated from an undergraduate programme within the last 12 months of the submission deadline date. Only one member of the group should submit the poster through MyCareerZone.
  • If you do not fully own the intellectual property of the content you are submitting, you must seek the appropriate permission/s from other authors or copyright owners prior to submission. This may apply if you completed your research as part of a research internship at the University, or completed the research using the resources of another organisation who have subsequently retained copyright on your work.
  • If your research used human participation, you must have sought permission from participants to share the results of your findings anonymously and have gone through the correct ethics procedures to conduct your research
  • While the competition is open to all students, only research completed in the final year of an undergraduate programme will be considered for nomination to attend the Posters in Parliament event.
  • The date of the event in Parliament will not be announced until around December 2016. If eligible for attending, you must be willing to nominate only one author of your poster to attend, and to be as flexible as possible in making themselves available for this date when it is announced. This person must be a current undergraduate student or have graduated from an undergraduate course in the last 12 months of the submission deadline date and be on a current postgraduate course at the University.