The showcase is a great opportunity to improve your networking skills

Short training sessions will be available for those who wish to enter but have not created a research poster before

Benefits and support available

What will I get from taking part?

In addition to sharing your passion for the research that you have worked on, the showcase is an opportunity to win a place to exhibit your poster at the Houses of Parliament at an exciting national event with students from across UK universities. Taking part will also help you to demonstrate and develop your skills in networking, communication, and presenting to peers.

Taking part is also a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate experience in disseminating your research findings to the public and wider university community. If you are considering further study, in particular a research degree such as a PhD, this can really help your funding application stand out.

Support and skills development

Not every student will have had chance to present work in poster format during the course of their studies. In order to make the showcase accessible to all students, we provide online training to help you understand the key principles behind how to lay out a research poster. When the dates for the 2017/18 showcase are announced, details of how to undertake this training will also be announced. 

In addition to our poster sessions, there is lots of information and resources available on the internet. Take a look at our Poster Guidance Pack which outlines what makes a good research poster, especially in the context of our poster exhibition. 

When designing your poster, please ensure that you have the University's logo in the top left corner, and that you adhere to the Design studio's guidance on how to use this. Alternatively, you can also use our Research Poster template, designed in Microsoft PowerPoint.