Students as Partners is a new scheme for 2017/18

Your hours and development as a Student Partner can count towards the Exeter Award.

Students as Partners

Students as Partners is a new scheme for 2017/18 linked to the principles started by the Students as Change Agents at the University ten years ago. Students as Partners allows one or more students to work closely with university staff in a project environment to improve the educational and learning experience for students at Exeter.

Student Partners register and record the input they have into their project online, and they receive access to skills training sessions and resources which allow them to work as more effective partners, and get the most from their experience. At the end of the academic year, if the necessary requirements are met, Student Partners receive recognition for their work on section 6.1 of their HEAR transcripts.

The hours you complete as a Student Partner can also be counted towards the Exeter Award or Leaders’ Award, and the development training you receive on the Partners programme also contributes towards the completion of these awards.

Starting a project

Students as Partners was launched because many students told us they wanted to get involved with driving change at the University, but they didn’t necessarily have lots of time or expertise to lead a project through from start to finish. Additionally, the scheme can help you find a staff partner, and can advise of staff with project ideas looking for student partners. For more information about what’s involved and how to get started, take a look at our registration page.

In contrast, if you already have an idea about something you want to change, and you have the time and desire to run this as a project without a staff partner, you can do this through the Students as Change Agents initiative.

Information for Staff Partners

We have a dedicated page for staff at the University wanting to find out about how they too can get involved. We are particularly keen to hear from you and to help if you want to start a project and are looking for one or more Student Partners to help you with your idea. Please contact the team: