About the Accessibility Service in Cornwall

The Accessibility Service exists to meet the following aims:

  • To enable disabled students with disabilities to participate fully in campus activities
  • To act as a resource for staff and students
  • To disseminate good practices and information

To enable students with disabilities to participate fully in campus activities we are developing an environment and providing support to ensure that disabled students are not disadvantaged because of their disability

The Accessibility Service will:

  • Provide information, arrange visits, interview, and give an induction to prospective disabled students
  • Advise and inform on sources of funding, benefits, recreation, etc.
  • Identify any technical/equipment needs
  • Recommend equipment and enabling aids
  • Assist in applying for the relevant allowance
  • Act as a focal point for disabled students
  • Investigate ways to improve physical access to various sites
  • Work alongside staff to raise awareness of various disability issues
  • Liaise with external supporting organisations and authorities

We have a wide range of information available on various issues related to disability, and we periodically receive national and regional disability magazines and newsletters. The Office also has a stock of enabling aids and equipment available to students for the duration of their course to perform various tasks related to study.