Ian Goodchild, AccessAbility Advisor

Visually impaired student reading Braille

We can help students with visual impairments source accessible texts.

Support offered by AccessAbility

Starting a course at university is an exciting experience and a big step for all students. For students with additional support requirements, coping with the demands of university life can present additional challenges. 

AccessAbility offers advice and assistance to students with disabilities and health conditions, providing you with every opportunity to succeed and progress to graduation. Staff have expertise in, and experience of, supporting students with additional needs, including specific learning difficulties, physical disabilities and unseen disabilities such as epilepsy. 

We provide a wide range of support:

  • arranging your special teaching and examination arrangements
  • helping you apply for relevant financial support, such as Disabled Students Allowance
  • loaning small items of equipment for short-term use
  • giving you access to the AccessAbility IT Zone in the Forum library, where you can use assistive IT software
  • readers or scribes in examinations
  • note-takers, campus guides, library or laboratory assistants
  • arrangement of examination accommodations such as extra time, use of a computer or separate room

If you have a hearing impairment we can also...

  • help you source support such as Sign Language Interpreters, Radio aids and any other appropriate equipment
  • match you up with suitable note takers
  • provide advice to your teaching staff on appropriate teaching strategies (such as lip reading conventions)
  • provide alert equipment for your university accommodation

If you have an unseen disability such as diabetes or epilepsy, we can also...

  • advise staff on any information you would like them to be aware of (such as epilepsy advice)
  • request staff to provide you with copies of lecture notes
  • help you source funding for travel assistance

If you have a visual impairment we can also...

  • advise you about accessibility around campus, and assistive equipment and software
  • advise you about suitable accommodation and help you liaise with relevant agencies
  • support you and your department in locating accessible texts
  • request staff to provide you with copies of notes in a suitable format

If you have a physical or mobility difficulty we can also...

  • advise you about accessibility around campus, and assistive equipment and software (such as voice dictation)
  • provide you with accessible accommodation and help you liaise with relevant agencies about care support and additional assistive equipment
  • help you source funding for travel assistance

Accessibility on campus

The University of Exeter recently undertook a survey of buildings around the campus. See the DisabledGo website for information on the accessibility of buildings around the campus, including accessible parking bays.

Please be aware that this is by no means a comprehensive list. If you require support other than that on this page, please contact us to discuss it.

Throughout my degree at Exeter, I have received a tremendous amount of support from AccessAbility which has been pivotal in helping me to maximise my potential. As someone with Asperger syndrome, I can often feel anxious or overwhelmed by new people and environments, and starting a whole new life at university was no exception; however, the AccessAbility department at Exeter are very friendly, unafraid to answer questions, incredibly understanding of your needs and always go out of their way to make sure you receive any support that you're entitled to. If you think you might be entitled to Disabled Students' Allowance, or just want to enquire, don't hesitate to ask AccessAbility as you may be entitled to more than you think! Their service has been impeccable and I can't bear to think how I would have coped without it.

Oliver Bond, Exeter graduate