Disability support information for external DSA assessors

This is a list of the support we can provide through the DSA, and our charges to funding bodies for the academic year 2013-14.

Specialist 1:1 study skills tuition £70 per hour

Specialist mental health mentoring

(Provided by the University Wellbeing Service)

£70 per hour
Specialist mentoring for students with Asperger’s Syndrome £70 per hour
AT (Assistive Technology) tuition £70 per hour
(£300 per half-day)
Buddy for students with mental health difficulties, Asperger’s Syndrome or dyspraxia
£25 per hour
Note taker £25 per hour
Note taker with typing up plus £10 per hour for typing £25 per hour
Laboratory assistant £25 per hour
Library assistant £25 per hour
General assistant (carrying books, etc) £25 per hour

Overlays can be provided at a cost of £4, coloured reading rulers can be purchased for £1.50 and coloured writing pads can be provided at a cost of £2.75, which students can claim through their consumable allowance.

Please be aware that the library at the University cannot provide extended loan services, to ensure that nondisabled students are not disadvantaged. However, students with library-related needs could make use of their book/photocopying allowance or access a library assistant, provided by AccessAbility, to ensure that they have access to short-term loan texts.