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Getting support in place for your studies

Before you start University, it is important to consider the support available to you. To ensure that your academic support needs are met during your time at University, please read and complete the documents below, as support you may currently receive will not automatically be put in place.

Information for Students

Prospective student questionnaire

Accommodation questionnaire


Frequently Asked Questions


AccessAbility are a confidential support and advice service based at the University. They are here specifically to support students who have a disability or experience mental health difficulties.

The team can:

  • Support you with course related issues
  • Assist with accessing support from other departments within the University 
  • Provide information about community based support 

During the application and enrolment process students will be asked for a lot of personal information, for example whether you have any disabilities. Some students worry that they could be at a disadvantage if they declare their disability or difficulties.

The University is committed to equality of access and opportunity for all and aims to provide a supportive and flexible learning environment.

There is also legislation to protect you from discrimination; as a University we have a duty of care for you and must make reasonable adjustments for students who have identified a disability.

We provide disability awareness training to all staff and regularly hold events and workshops to promote wellbeing, raise awareness and reduce stigma.


The University will ask all students for information about their needs in order to properly advise about the support that is available. Our role is to support you, therefore it helps us to have as much information as you are able to give. It is important to know that under the Equality Act and the funding body’s regulations you may be able to receive funding for the support you need so it may well be worth you declaring your disability, even if you are not sure whether you are entitled to support.

Some students may choose to speak to a tutor/staff member once they have started their studies; some may choose to contact AccessAbility prior to attending University to ensure that the correct support is in place when they arrive; the decision is up to you. 

For guidance of how to let us know about your disability please read 'Information for prospective students' above. 

Confidentiality is crucial to the service we provide. Information about you will not be disclosed to anyone outside the department without your permission, except in exceptional circumstances. You can read more about our confidentiality policy via this link speak to AccessAbility for any further information - Confidentiality and Record Keeping 

You may be entitled to claim the Disabled Students’ Allowance. This is administered by your funding body and is designed to provide students with disabilities with the resources they need to give them an equal opportunity to succeed at University.

It is advisable to make enquiries about this to your funding body as soon as you know you are applying to go to University, as the application process can take some time. The AccessAbility team can help to ensure you get what you are entitled to. 

To find out more about Disabled Students' Allowance, please go to https://www.gov.uk/disabled-students-allowances-dsas

There are two campuses in Exeter - Streatham Campus and St Luke's Campus:

While the Streatham Campus is very beautiful, it is also very hilly and we would recommend that you visit or contact us before coming to University. We can discuss options for getting around the campus, such as using an electric wheelchair or scooter, or using the travel allowance part of the Disabled Students' Allowance.

The St Luke's Campus is level, and smaller than the Streatham Campus, although we would still recommend you contact us to discuss accessibility so that we can ensure your needs are met. Both campuses are approximately 15 minutes from the City, and regular bus services run into the centre.

Detailed building access information can be found on the DisabledGo website 

All students will be registered with the Student Health Centre as soon as they arrive at University.

However, if you are receiving on-going specialist support in your home area, it is best to let them know your plans and discuss arrangements for access to local specialist services if appropriate.

There may be a number of options to consider to ensure that you receive the specialist support you require in the most appropriate place for you. This is often best put in place before you arrive at University and the AccessAbility team are able to advise on this.