Accommodation for 2015-16

We have currently allocated all the rooms we have available for continuing students from September 2015 and we will be unable to offer any further accommodation at this time.

If you apply for accommodation, your application will be held on our records in case the situation changes. However, we are unable to guarantee that any accommodation will become available and if this does happen, it will be nearer to the start of the academic year in September 2015.

In the meantime, we advise you to secure accommodation in the private sector where there is a range of options available from purpose built accommodation to shared houses and you can access a full list via Studentpad which is updated regularly.

Have you ever considered joining our Residence Life Team? Not only will it look excellent on your CV, you will also receive full training and a rent discount. The Residence Life Team are now recruiting for 2015-16. For further information please see their webpages.

Supported Applications

The University recognises that some students may have particular accommodation requirements – for example, relating to a disability or health issue – which may best be met through living in a University residence.  If you require a room in University accommodation for a welfare reason, this will not be automatically allocated to you, even if you are currently in residence. 

You will need to apply for accommodation and your application should be supported by the relevant Student Support service. During the accommodation application process, you should select the accommodation listed above in the options on the first page but you can advise us in the notes section of  the second page of the application form if you would like alternative accommodation. Please note that if you do advise us that you wish to stay in a different residence other than those listed on the application, you may be residing with first year undergraduate students and not returners. Please contact us for more details or if you require assistance in making your application.