Frequently asked questions

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Q. What is my University of Exeter student ID number?

A. Your nine digit university ID number is provided by the University when you firmly accept your offer of an academic place. The number should begin with five or six.

For new students, this is a different number from your UCAS number. For enrolled students, this is the number shown on your University card.

Q. What is my room number?

A. You can find out your room number when you have completed the University's online registration process in early September.

Q. How big will my room be?

A. In some residences room sizes vary considerably. A guide is given on the individual residences pages. Please also see our virtual tours.

Q. Will there be a washbasin in my room?

A. The majority of standard student study bedrooms have washbasins. All en-suite rooms have a washbasin. For more information please browse the residences' web pages.

Q. What is a starter pack?

A. Click2Campus sell packs of kitchen and bedding equipment that can be delivered to your residence before you arrive, so you don't have to bring everything with you. 

Q. What if I am on holiday when you offer me accommodation?

A. If you are allocated University owned or managed accommodation you will receive an email asking you to log into your accommodation account to review the offer made to you online. Our online services enable you to access and accept the accommodation contract anywhere in the world.

Q. Is there a telephone and data point in my room?

A. All rooms have either data points or a wireless internet connection. You can arrange provision of a telephone for your room with StudentCom.

Q. Can I bring a TV?

A. In most cases it isn't necessary to bring a TV with you as there are internet connections in every study bedroom giving access to IPTV via your laptop or computer. Not all of our student bedrooms have aerial sockets - check on your residence's webpage for more information.

You may bring a television for your communal area if you have one, but you will need to purchase a TV licence. Please see the TV Licensing site for more details. Please note that if you intend to watch live television on your computer you will need a TV licence.

Q. Can I bring pets?

A. Pets are not permitted in University accommodation.

Q. Are my belongings insured?

A. Your personal belongings in your locked rooms are insured. We would advise you to check the details of the contents insurance in full as you may wish to extend the benefits provided to include cover for valuable items such as laptops, cameras, musical instruments, bikes and mobile phones. 

Q. Is there a parking space for my car?

A. The University has a Sustainable Travel Plan and actively seeks to encourage green travel. In line with this, there is no parking available on either the Streatham or St Luke's campuses (including Rowancroft) for resident students.

Q. Can I have a guest to stay?

A. Guests of students living in University residences may enter halls up to 23.30, but thereafter must be accompanied by a member of the residence. There must not be more than four visitors/guests in the accommodation at any time.

Any student wishing to have overnight guests must seek permission in writing from the Residence Life Team, who must take account of fire and safety implications and, in shared rooms, of the interests of your room mate. Residence Life Team members and Residence Managers will withdraw permission for guests to remain if their behaviour is deemed antisocial or unacceptable in any way.

Q. Can I move to a different room?

A. In all residences there is a possibility of moving to a different room after the first two weeks of the academic year, although please be aware that there is an administration charge of £45 during the 2013/14 academic year. Furthermore, due to the large number of room move requests a priority system is in operation. Priority is given to students with medical or welfare issues in the first instance. You are advised to speak to the Accommodation Office and Residence Life Teams after arrival.

If you are with one of our city centre, larger providers, then there is a possibility that you could swap with a student in another residence providing there are no special circumstances, eg an all female flat.

To submit a request to move residence, please log an enquiry online with the Student Information Desk (via the Help and Support tab at MyExeter).

Q. What should I do if I have problems paying my fees?

A. Please contact the Student Fees Office for advice via

It is also recommended that you contact the Students' Guild Advice Unit at who are able to offer impartial and confidential assistance on a whole range of issues, including housing, finance, and academic related matters.

Q. Is there a supermarket nearby?

A. There are small supermarket located in the centre of the Streatham Campus known as the Market Place, as well as other smaller outlets selling essential items in other locations on campus for example at Cornwall House and Birks Grange Village. Exeter city centre is a short walk from either campus where you can find a larger supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Iceland.

Q. How much should I pay and when?

A. In University accommodation the majority of students pay termly and the amount is stated on your accommodation agreement. If you have paid your £300 deposit you can reduce the second and third terms' accommodation charge by £150.

If you wish to pay the whole year in advance remember to deduct the amount of your deposit from your total charges due. If you are unsure of how much your accommodation charges are please refer to your online contract

The University accepts various methods of payment as detailed on the Student Finance webpages.

Q. What time is the Accommodation Office open?

A. The Accommodation Office is open from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. This office deals with catered and self catered University accommodation and private sector housing in Exeter, including short term accommodation for PGCE students.

If you wish to make an appointment with an accommodation adviser please contact the Student Information Desk in the Forum either in person or via MyExeter.

Q. Can I move in early?

A.  With more than 5,500 students arriving over Freshers' Week we have staggered arrivals to ease congestion both in the city and on the campuses. 

Arrival any earlier than Freshers' Week is not recommended, but may be possible in extenuating circumstances.

We recommend you read our early arrival information before you enquire. If you have any further questions please contact the Accommodation Office for advice.

Q. Can I stay in my accommodation during the Christmas, Easter and Summer vacation?

A. You may stay in your room for the full period stated on your accommodation agreement.

If you have a catered 32 week contract you do not pay for accommodation over Christmas and Easter vacations and may not reside in them for these periods.

If you require accommodation over the vacation periods please contact the Accommodation Office as we may be able to accommodate you in self catered accommodation. For information on what is available over the summer please visit summer accommodation. Alternatively, visit our short term and visitor pages or our private sector pages if you require temporary accommodation.

If you have a self catered 40, 42, 44 or 51 week contract you may stay in your room for the full period stated on your accommodation agreement. Summer vacation accommodation may be available on application. Alternatively, if your accommodation agreement length has expired, please make enquiries at the Accommodation Office for possible vacancies.

Q. Can I store my belongings over the Christmas & Easter vacation periods?

A. If you live in catered student accommodation you can leave your belongings in your room over the Christmas vacation, but will have to move your belongings out in the Easter holidays.

There may be limited storage facilities available over the Easter vacation with priority given to international students. Please speak to staff at your residence for further information. Alternatively, you can arrange storage with a local company.

If you live in a self catered residence your contract runs right through these two holiday periods.

Q. Is there any storage available within the University?

A. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide storage facilities at the University however, a number of local companies offer storage solutions. Your residence reception will be able to assist you to find information about these local companies. 

Q. What are the alternatives to University accommodation?

A. The Accommodation Office can give you information about accommodation in the private sector. Lists of bed and breakfast accommodation, lodgings and private sector student housing are available. Please see our section on private sector accommodation for more information.

Q. What is the Student Accommodation Code?

A. The Student Accommodation Code was introduced in 2006 by Universities UK and GuildHE. It protects your right to safe, good quality accommodation, wherever you study and outlines everything you can expect from your accommodation as well as your responsibilities as a tenant.

Q. Can I find you on Facebook?

A. Yes! You can follow us by visiting our Exeter Uni Students Facebook page. For accommodation specific news and updates, it is best to look at our blog.  

Q. What if this FAQ does not answer my question?

A. If we have not answered your question here please contact us.

Undergraduate only

Q. Why can't I apply for accommodation?

A. It may take up to two days for your information to be transferred to our system after you have firmly accepted your offer at the University of Exeter. If after two days you still cannot apply please contact us.

Q. When will I receive an offer of accommodation?

A. Rooms will be allocated when your academic offer becomes Unconditional Firm. This is usually after A level results in late August. Early application is advisable so that we have your information ready for when offers become Unconditional.

If you are allocated University accommodation you will receive an offer online. We cannot inform you of your offer of accommodation over the telephone.

If you have deferred your entry an early application in your year of entry is advisable. An offer of student accommodation will be made to you in June/July.

Q. Can I have a single room in catered halls?

A. The majority of our rooms are single. In our catered halls of residence half of the standard rooms are shared (twin occupancy).

Apart from the economic benefit of being in a shared room, keep in mind that we work hard to allocate students with similar interests to twin rooms, and it is possible to swap contact details with your roommate before arriving in Exeter, ensuring you have a friend to explore campus with as soon as you move in!

You can state in the notes section of your application if you would prefer to share a room. Please note we cannot guarantee a single or shared room.

Q. What is a dedicated quiet block?

A. For undergraduate students, we have set aside Lydford at St German's for those who prefer to live in a quieter living environment within the block. Our Residence Life Team will work with residents to ensure that noise within the block is kept to a minimum.

The location of Lydford is in a quieter area of Campus, however there will still be external noise which may not be able to be controlled. Undergraduate students who wish to live in this block should indicate this during their application.

Q. I have got a place at Exeter through my insurance offer or clearing. What should I do about accommodation?

A. If Exeter is your insurance choice you can apply online for accommodation when your place is confirmed in August. We will offer you any rooms that may be available with the University residences. If we do not have any vacancies we will offer you advice and assistance on finding alternative accommodation.

Postgraduate only

Q. Why can't I apply for accommodation?

A. It may take up to two days for your information to be transferred to our system after you have firmly accepted your offer at the University of Exeter.

Please note if you are an International student, you have to pay your tuition fee deposit for your offer to become firm which can take up to ten days from receipt of payment.

If you are unable to activate your account on your first visit; please wait two days and then try again. If you are then unable to use the on-line application process, please contact us.

Q. When will I receive an offer of accommodation?

A. The allocation of rooms will be made when the offer of a place at Exeter becomes firm. If you are allocated to University student accommodation you will receive an offer online.