Essential repairs and improvements maps 2019/20

Some of our blocks at Duryard are undergoing essential repairs and improvement works during the 2019/20 academic year. The blocks directly affected will receive a rent reduction to acknowledge the impact the works will have on the students living in these residences.

Use the map below to see whether you have been allocated an affected block or a block in close proximity to an affected block.

Please note blocks in close proximity will not be eligible for a rent reduction.

The information contained in this webpage may be subject to change. We are seeking to provide you with as much detail as we are able to at this moment, however this could be changed by events outside the University’s control. For the avoidance of any doubt, the refund associated with the disruption will only be payable if the works proceed.

BlockDatesNature of work
Teign House September 2019 – November 2019 Exterior works are scheduled for this block during the dates highlighted
BlockDatesNature of work
Yeo House September 2019 – November 2019 Exterior improvement works are scheduled to take place on Teign House which is in close proximity to this block