Summer accommodation

‌We welcome applications for summer accommodation on a minimum contract length of four weeks, from all registered students, whether you currently live within University of Exeter accommodation or are living within the private sector.

Please refer to the summer accommodation 2017 for further information about your stay.

Please note that if you are an MEd or EdD student then specific accommodation arrangements will be made for you. Please refer to the information which will be sent out by your College.


Summer accommodation will be available between 17 June and 2 September 2017. The self-catered residences which are available for the summer period are detailed below:

ResidenceRoom typeWeekly charge
James Owen Court Single en-suite £133.21
Birks Grange Village Single studio £161.07

Please note rooms are available for a minimum contract length of four weeks.

Applications will open on Monday 24 April 2017 and will be processed on first come first serve basis and subject to availability of accommodation. The initial deadline for applications is Friday 12 May 2017.

Applications received by 12 May 2017 will be sent an offer within 5 working days of the application deadline date.  The offer will be valid for 5 days, please check the expiry date on offer, after which we reserve the right to allocate the room to another applicant.

Applications received after 12 May will be processed subject to availability from week commencing 22 May and an offer will be sent within 5 working days.

Please contact us if you do not hear from us as expected above, or you wish to arrive within 3 days of making your application.

  • You will be asked for some essential details when filling in your application and we shall endeavour to meet your requirements.

  • If you are unsure of the dates that you wish to stay, please put down the longest possible period of residency which you could be staying on your application to ensure that you are able to stay within the same room if you do end up extending your contract at a later date.

  • Check that your student ID card is valid for your whole stay.  Written evidence from your College will be required to support your application if your ID card has expired.

  • If your current residence is being used for summer accommodation, you may be able to remain in the same room until your proposed leaving date; if not, you will need to move to alternative vacation accommodation.
  • You will need to pay in full, in advance of your stay within 5 days after you have accepted your accommodation offer.

  • We do not require a deposit as the payment is made in full prior to arrival.

  • Payment can be made at SID in the Forum on the Streatham Campus or via the online payment store. Please make sure that you include your student number as a reference so that we can identify who made the payment.

  • Cheques must be payable to 'The University of Exeter' and be in pounds sterling.  Euro cheques are not accepted.
  • If after the first 4 weeks stay you wish to cancel or change the dates of your booking you will need to give at least 2 weeks’ advance notice if you wish to receive a refund, if applicable.  

  • Refunds can only be paid into a UK bank account and this must be from the same account that the initial payment was drawn.  Please be advised that refunds can take up to 28 days to process. 

  • Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that it will possible for you to stay in the same room if you wish to extend your stay, we will advise accordingly.

  • Once you have been allocated accommodation and have accepted the contract, you will not be able to move rooms.

  • Sub-letting is prohibited. 

  • Please be aware that we reserve the right to amend your room booking prior to arrival in the same residence/price to meet our operational needs.

A room condition check form will be issued to students upon arrival and it should be returned within seven days of arrival. A room inspection will take place at the end of occupancy.

  • On the day of your departure you are required to leave your accommodation by 10.00am.  
  • All keys must be returned to James Owen Court Reception or Ross House Reception at Birks Grange Village. See our Residence Receptions page for information.
  • Please do not leave your keys in the room.
  • If your keys are not returned by this time, a charge of £24.50 per key will be made to your student account, as well as additional nights charged.
  • Please see our moving out guide for further information.

Due to operational requirements very few residences can accept arrivals before the official contract start date.

We therefore ask, that unless you meet the criteria below, you either postpone your arrival until Arrivals Weekend (16-17 September 2017) or find alternative accommodation in a local hotel or Bed and Breakfast.  

The following students will be given priority:

  • Current INTO Students (progressing on to a degree course).
  • Residence Life Team members.
  • Students studying MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management.
  • Students studying the One Planet MBA.
  • Others with extenuating circumstances of which we have been made aware.

If you fit into one of these groups and you have an offer for University of Exeter accommodation you can apply online for early arrival accommodation from Monday 3 July 2017. Please only apply if you genuinely require early arrival accommodation.

Please note that we are unable to guarantee that your term time  accommodation will be available before Welcome Weekend and a temporary room is likely to be offered.

Once your early arrival application has been submitted the Accommodation Office will contact you to advise of your accommodation arrangements using the email address given on your application.

Additional charges will apply for any period in which you occupy a room prior to the start of your contract. Payment is due after arrival.

Reasons not to arrive early

Unless it is absolutely necessary, we strongly advise that you do not arrive at the University of Exeter before the start of your accommodation contract for the following reasons:

  • Isolation: those who arrive early will often be the only resident in a flat until Welcome Weekend.
  • Confusion: feedback from previous years highlights that students who arrived early missed out on relevant information.
  • Logistics: we cannot guarantee that you will be able to move directly into your term time room, so you may have to move rooms more than once in a short period.
  • The residences and University facilities are often not fully operational until the start of term.
  • The University offers an Airport Collection Service to international students during Welcome Weekend, with coaches departing from Heathrow Airport on a regular basis straight to your accommodation.