The Caroline Harry Thomas Memorial Fund

Caroline Harry Thomas (1957-2011) studied Law at the University of Exeter from 1975-78 and enjoyed a prestigious legal career as a QC. She will be remembered as one of the most distinguished medical lawyers of her generation, as well as an inspiring role model and a wonderful lifelong friend to many of her Exeter contemporaries.

Her obituary in The Times (9 February 2012) described her as a ‘barrister with an intuitive feel for the human, ethical and legal complexities of clinical negligence cases’. Following her studies at Exeter and doing a placement at the European Commission in Luxembourg, she was admitted to the Bar. She started her career in family law but increasingly dealt with clinical negligence cases, acting in a number of high-profile medical treatment and ethics cases, where she gained a highly respected reputation for her outstanding competence in handling issues relating to the end of life and withdrawal or withholding of life sustaining treatment from adults and children.

A lasting memorial to Caroline

Friends from the University of Exeter have been raising money in Caroline’s memory to establish a lasting memorial, one that will provide inspiration to current and future generations of Law students at Exeter.

They have been working closely with the Law School to ensure the most appropriate tribute to Caroline and her many achievements, and the special qualities that made her a friend and inspiration to so many people.

Make your gift in memory of Caroline

Thank you,

Penny Crouch (née Curtis), Karen Petty (née Thompson)
and Clive Mathias (Law 1978) and the many friends of Caroline Harry Thomas at the University of Exeter.