Ellen Lawrence (Bsc Natural Sciences) and Kay Grime

Jackson-Grime-Davies prize awarded to top Natural Sciences BSc student

The Jackson-Grime-Davies prize for outstanding academic excellence in the new discipline of Natural Science was awarded for the first time this year to Ellen Lawrence, a graduating BSc Student whose project investigated how light can be potentially used to diagnose disease.

The Prize was established thanks to the support of alumnus Dr Mick Jackson(Chemical Engineering, 1979) in recognition of his PhD mentors Professor Tom Davies and Barry Grime, aims to encourage continued collaboration between students, industry partners and academics. In the late 1970s, Professor Tom Davies pioneered a new collaboration with a Cornish mining company and established research programs together with the company’s Engineering Department led by company director Barry Grime. Dr Mick Jackson was amongst the beneficiaries of the initiative, gaining a PhD at Exeter in 1984.

The inaugural prize was presented by Kay Grime, Barry’s widow. Ellen achieved the highest mark for her interdisciplinary research project study and was ranked in the top three for her degree, overall.



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