The telethon began in October 2002 and since then alumni and friends have donated over £2 million. 

The telethon team call alumni all over the world to keep in touch, share experiences of Exeter and seek philanthropic support for the University. 

Students and alumni have a lot to talk about - we try to match current students with alumni that have studied a similar subject, lived in the same halls, played in the same sports club or been part of the same society.

Exeter is developing rapidly and we hope to keep alumni up-to-date about how the University is growing, whilst ensuring current students understand the history of the University and how alumni contributions have made Exeter’s current success possible. 

We also run thank you telethons for our current regular donors just to keep in touch and to tell them more about the direct impact their gifts are having and the projects that are made possible by their gifts. 


This year our team of 60 students spoke to over 7,000 alumni across the world and have raised over £100,000 so far. We received much interest in volunteering and responded to over 1,000 alumni requests. 

We are very grateful to all of our supporters - donations make a real difference to the student experience here at Exeter.


Have you received a call from our team? We want to make sure our alumni enjoy the telephone calls they receive from current students.

If you have received a telethon call and would like to provide us with some feedback, please contact us at