“The best thing for me about studying at the Business School was the wide range of learning opportunities available, in addition to the excellent facilities.”

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Andy Chebsey, M&G Investments

Product Executive, M&G Investments

Why did you decide to study at the Business School?

I decided to study at the Business School at Exeter as the university was rising fast within the rankings, with significant further investment in the business school and the university earmarked in the future. When I visited the Business School, the facilities were of a very high standard which I knew would provide me with an excellent learning environment.

Why did you choose your particular programme?

I chose the Business & Management with Industrial Experience programme, as I knew this would provide me with a diverse knowledge across accounting, finance, economics, marketing and management. This would offer me a platform from which I could specialise in future, when I would have a clearer idea of which career path I wished to take. The industrial experience offered me invaluable work experience and allowed me to differentiate myself from other graduates when applying for jobs.

What was the best thing about studying at the Business School?

The best thing for me about studying at the Business School was the wide range of learning opportunities available, in addition to the excellent facilities. Learning was provided through many different formats (lectures, seminars, tutorials) and lecturers were all genuinely very passionate about their areas of expertise. The facilities were also first rate and provided the right environment for learning.

How has your career progressed since leaving the Business School?

Since leaving the Business School, I have spent over two and a half years on the graduate scheme at Fidelity International. Over this time, I have worked across four different areas - Customer Relations, RFP Support, Equity Competitor & Fund Analysis and Digital. This has provided me with a diverse range of skills - from creating competitor dashboards used by sales and marketing teams across European and Asian businesses, to presenting best-practice in dealing with complaints to over 40 colleagues in India over video conference. I have also gained professional qualifications - through completing the Investment Management Certificate. I have recently started a new role as a Product Executive at M&G Investments, where I will be working on projects to develop new funds and share classes, in addition to managing M&G’s existing retail fund range across all asset classes.

How is your programme helping you in your chosen career?

The programme helped me immensely in my chosen career, through providing me with the soft skills in working with colleagues day to day from group work studies, to investment knowledge which helped in studying towards the Investment Management Certificate. Most recently, I benefitted from my Strategic Management final year module, when I had to interview for M&G Investments. I was asked to provide an evaluation process for making a business decision and applied frameworks which I had learnt through my studies. I then had to present my evaluation process to the interviewers and the frameworks I used provided a solid structure for my presentation.