“I chose to do this at the University of Exeter due to it being a world-leading research University with a global reputation for business.”

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Sercan Kara

Data Analytics Specialist

Sercan, from Turkey chose to study MSc International Management (now MSc Management) to prepare him for a career in the consulting industry. A month after graduating, he successfully secured a career in a leading IT consulting firm. Working there sparked an interest in the tech industry, leading him to do a second Masters in Data Science and he aspires to eventually become a Data Scientist.

Before doing my Masters, I was working at an out-of-home (outdoor) media company as a sales executive and wanted to diversify into the consulting industry. I missed the opportunity to work in that area after graduating from my undergraduate degree and I found it more difficult to get my foot in the door as time passed. Therefore, I decided I needed a Master’s degree to help me progress.

I chose to do this at the University of Exeter due to it being a world-leading research University with a global reputation for business. The academics are top-class and there is an international environment which helps prepare you for a global career. Exeter is a lovely city, with easy access to London by public transport, it’s just two and a half hours on the train to London Paddington.

Shortly after my graduation from Exeter, I started my consulting career at Accenture, a leading IT consulting firm which sparked my interest in the tech industry. I then went on to pursue a second Masters degree in data science to help me branch into the IT world alongside working as data analytics specialist. It isn’t easy working and studying at the same time at the age of 31, but I now hold two Masters degrees which is a fantastic achievement. My next goal is to become a data scientist and I am working very hard to get there and know I will achieve it soon. I owe everything that has helped me get to where I am right now, to my degree from the University of Exeter

My most valuable experience on the programme was the opportunity to work on projects with students from different countries and backgrounds. I didn’t have any experience like this before and it helped me a lot in my post-Masters career, as I have had to work on a number of international projects. I would definitely recommend studying at Exeter. It was the best decision I have ever taken in my career. I will always be thankful to my academics and fellow students.

My advice on being more employable would be to learn a programming language or new IT tool, regardless of whether you areworking in technology sector.. Many people think that you must be an IT professional to have such qualifications but I don’t think so. Everyone needs such skills to succeed in the workplace. 

If I had to sum up my Exeter experience in four words it would be: Helpful, amazing, entertaining and advantageous.