Alice Lynch

Alice Lynch

MA Applied Security Strategy (Dec 2016)

What has been the highlight of your time at Exeter?

I also completed my undergraduate degree at Exeter, so there are too many memories to choose from!

What have you enjoyed about your course/studying within your discipline?

My course provided me with opportunities to meet and engage with people at the top of their field, that I could not have found anywhere else; on this course I really felt like I was “part” of the international security community, which really strengthened my ambitions and also my confidence. The field trips were also fantastic - my course fully immersed me in the security field through visits to NATO, the EU and Whitehall to name but a few, as well as trips to Bosnia and the Somme.

What will you be doing now that you have graduated – could you give some detail on your next employment/further study opportunity?

I am currently working as a political advisor in local government, and would like to do a PHD in the future as I already miss studying my subject. Ultimately, I would like to pursue a career in international security.

How did your course/extra-curricular activities set you up for your future employment/further study?

The intense yet consistently varied workload and high-pressure simulation exercises really stretched me in both my academic and applied skills. My confidence grew tenfold over the last year, and the intensity of my course helped me realise exactly how much I am capable of when under pressure. Additionally, I was exposed to new career options I hadn’t previously been aware of and will continue to pursue.