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Louise Edwards

Louise Edwards

Name: Louise Edwards
Programme of study: American & Commonwealth Arts 1989, LLB Law, 1992
Year of graduation: 1992
Place of work: Marketing Director, Michelmores LLP  


Please tell us how you came to work in marketing

I qualified as a lawyer in London in the mid-90s, and then worked in Hong Kong for 3 years, before returning to the UK for another 4 years of corporate transactions. I loved the pace of the deals, but the best part was getting the deal over the finish line, which apart from all the legal documentation, involved a lot of interaction with the clients. That was the bit I enjoyed most – the human part. And I worked out that I could do more of that if I was involved in Marketing and Business Development, so I took a Marketing Diploma, and moved over to the dark side!

What is the best thing about your job?

The variety – every day is different. Law firms can no longer be complacent about their clients and markets – we cannot afford to stand still. So my team is always looking to improve service delivery, and understand our clients better.

How do you feel your law degree helped you?

The discipline of having to be methodical and analytical definitely helped. And having worked as a lawyer, I really understand the challenges that my colleagues have in looking after their own clients well: that has given me a valuable insight in to how I can help them develop more meaningful relationships.

Do you have any advice for others looking to take a similar path?

Take the time to have coffee with as many interesting people as you can – you never know what you might learn, or how that connection may offer an opportunity in the future – either for you, or for them.