Alumni taking part in the annual golf day 2012

The Alumni Golf Day is one of the very successful events organised by alumnus John Gilbert.

Alumni volunteering and event toolkit

We are privileged to have a vibrant and active alumni community across the globe. We want to make it fun and easy for you to share your time and expertise with other alumni. To that end, we’ve created this toolkit to help you organise activities and groups, wherever you live and whatever your interests.  

This toolkit can help you create, maintain or rejuvenate an alumni group. We’ve included all the information we think you’ll need whether you’re new to starting a group or running events, or a seasoned pro. We’ve also included new ideas and hints from other groups which we hope will be interesting and helpful to your group, whether it is new or well-established.  

Below are a couple of documents which you can download and use to help you plan your event and ensure that runs as smoothly as possible.

The Alumni and Volunteer Toolkit

Event forms and checklists

Risk assessment template and guidance

Contact us

If you are interested in getting involved with any of our existing UK groups and networks or would like more information on how to start up your own group please contact Helen Crowther – Alumni Officer Networks & Groups on or 01392 725012.

For details on international groups and activities please contact Jane Harding – International Alumni Officer on