Lonesome Bog and Little Dog

Alumna’s new children’s book set to change attitudes to peatland

Exeter alumna Iona Tulloch (Psychology, 1999) has published a new children’s book believed to be the first to highlight the importance of peatland.

Lonesome Bog and Little Dog is a captivating picture book, for people aged three to 103 years old, with a unique environmental message.

Little Dog and Lonesome Bog are misfits who strike up an unlikely friendship. But is Little Dog brave enough to convince the other dogs of the beauty within the glorious peaty landscape he discovers?

Conservation groups are excited by the publication due to the urgent need to increase public awareness of the vital functions of peatland. The RSPB provided a list of birds to include, many of which have experienced significant declines in population. Iona says Lonesome Bog and Little Dog was inspired by an eventful walk during which a blue flipflop was sucked deep into a bog, finally retrieved after much muddy rummaging.

The book is available to purchase online and in bookshops.

Date: 5 September 2018

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