Vivienne and her children outside Reed Hall

Alumni family recreate graduation shots through the years

An Exeter alumna and her children have started a family tradition of graduation pictures on campus.

When Vivienne Bandmann graduated in 1983 in German (with Additional French), she posed for a photograph in front of Reed Hall.

Then in 2016, exactly 33 years to the day after her graduation, Vivienne’s son Christopher graduated with a First in Economics so they recreated the original photo.

The following year Vivienne’s daughter Cerys graduated with a First in Engineering and Management, and a few months later Christopher successfully completed his Masters with a Distinction. Each time they took a photograph in the same spot in Reed Hall gardens.

Vivienne said: “When it came to my own children's university education, Exeter was our first choice. As we were living abroad at the time, I wanted somewhere that I knew, loved and trusted, particularly as I was so far away!

“For the time being, this is unfortunately the end of our days at Exeter as my daughter has moved on to Germany for her Masters, but I hope that there may be a couple more pictures to add to the series at some point in the future!”

Date: 11 January 2018

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