AccessAbility and Wellbeing Student Ambassador Role

Student Ambassadors who have a disability or long-term health condition, or have experience of supporting people with disabilities/long-term health conditions have the option of training up as an AWSA (AccessAbility and Wellbeing Student Ambassador). This role reflects all the components of the role of the existing Student Ambassadors; however, the key differentiating factor for the AWSAs is their ability to share their personal knowledge and experiences of disabilities/long-term health conditions with prospective students who have a disability or long-term health condition. AWSAs will also be expected to have some basic knowledge or experience of disability support in higher education.

AWSAs access all the work opportunities that all Student Ambassadors have. Key specialist duties of the AWSA role include:

  • Being a named contact for prospective students with disabilities/long-term health conditions who may have complex support requirements and benefit from basic advice on AccessAbility and/or Wellbeing support (AccessAbility/Wellbeing Advisers will closely guide the AWSAs in this duty and ensure that the AWSA role does not cross over into the Adviser’s role)
  • Contributing to testimonial videos for the AccessAbility/Wellbeing websites
  • Showing prospective disabled students and their parents around the university on organised accessible campus tours
  • Assisting staff and visitors at main pre-application and post-offer open days
  • Acting as a host to groups of students with disabilities on incoming school visits
  • Visiting schools to make presentations and help run workshops on disability-related topics
  • Attend higher education conventions and careers fairs
  • Supporting students with disabilities on tutoring programmes in schools

Work Opportunities

AWSAs will work mainly on the same events as Student Ambassadors, but there may also be some events and work opportunities will be specifically disability-focussed. AWSAs will be available to focus on providing advice, guidance and support in relation to disability-related topics.

Recruitment and Training:

Students wanting to register as AWSAs should apply to the existing Student Ambassador Scheme when the recruitment portal opens at the beginning of the academic year. All applicants will be asked if they want to register as an AWSA.

Current Student Ambassadors will be asked if they want to apply to be AWSAs – this will be promoted through the E-newsletter that is sent out to all ambassadors monthly.

Training is delivered by the AccessAbility/Wellbeing Team and usually takes place around January/February time.

To find out more information about the work the AccessAbility team do, please click on the following links: