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Student ambassadors are uniquely placed to talk about the student experience.

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Current students play a crucial role in the work of the Student Recruitment Office.

Benefits of the scheme

Benefits for student ambassadors

Working as a student ambassador will provide you with lots of opportunities to develop your skills and provide you with useful insights into the educational world. Most of our work involves direct contact with the secondary school environment, either through attending careers conventions, delivering talks and presentations to groups of students or working on tutoring programmes. All our ambassadors receive full training prior to delivering any of our activities and there are opportunities to shadow more experienced ambassadors throughout the year.

Student ambassadors also run campus tours at all three campuses and so are in direct contact with prospective students, parents and guardians.

The post is totally flexible around academic studies. Student ambassadors are able to select what type of work they want to do and when. All our student ambassadors receive financial remuneration for their work (with the exception of training which is compulsory).

All our ambassadors may use their work on the scheme in order to gain the Exeter Award.

Benefits for the University

Student ambassadors will assist in the delivery of the Student Recruitment Office’s outreach and recruitment strategy. The Student Recruitment Office (SRO) is directly responsible for creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with partner schools and colleges in the South West, and most SRO work involves the delivery of presentations and workshops that rely heavily on the input of student ambassadors. The SRO recognises that current students play a crucial role in the delivery of their work. They acknowledge that visitors and prospective students greatly value having direct contact with current students who are living and operating within the University environment, and will share their experiences in an honest and authentic way.

Benefits for Schools & Colleges

Student ambassadors are current university students predominantly on undergraduate courses. They are able to go out to schools and colleges and talk first-hand about their experiences of what university life is like. School/college students may find it much easier to relate to student ambassadors as they will be addressed by individuals who (a) are relatively close to their age group, and (b) will come across with genuine unscripted views and thoughts about their own experiences.

Student ambassadors come from a wide range of backgrounds and, for some, higher education was not a natural progression. They are able to relate to those who may feel uneasy about furthering their studies, or uncertain about financial arrangements, and be able to discuss how they took the decisions that led them to where they are today.