We regularly receive feedback about the positive impact that our Exeter Student Ambassadors have whilst working on events. Below is a collection of comments from various sources received during 2014-15.


This year's Year 10 students have had an amazing time on the Uncover Higher Education programme. Working with your experienced and professional ambassadors has given them an insight into university life and given them the ideal opportunity to discuss issues and concerns in detail during the sessions.

Teacher, Axe Valley College, July 2015


Just a quick thank you for our visit today. The students were really inspired by their visit and there was a lot to talk about on the return journey. Your undergraduate ambassadors were terrific and great role models for our young students.

Teacher, Torquay Academy, July 2015


We would like to especially thank two students who gave a presentation on Life at Exeter Uni. It was so well pitched at both student and parent level, an honest, informative and often amusing insight into what a student can expect and a lot of reassurance to parents on the safe environment and care offered. I should imagine with their confidence and charisma that they could walk into any employment they choose after graduation.

Open Day Visitor, June 2015


I would like to particularly commend the students who did the student life talk. They were really excellent and a tremendous advert for your student body. We came all the way from Brussels for this and it was well worth it.

Offer-Holder Visit Day Visitor, February 2015


Helped my daughter decide that Exeter is the place for her. Having now been on a number of these visits I would also like to comment on the student ambassador who escorted us around the campus; he was definitely the best guide we have experienced over a number of universities and clearly has a talent for this sort of thing. His enthusiasm for the university was clear to see and almost infectious; he provided all the information we needed very clearly.

Streatham Campus Tour Attendee, March 2015


I'd like to say a massive thank you to you and the ambassadors for last week’s summer school, which I attended. Not only did I have a fantastic time, which was a result of all the hard work and effort put in, but I am also so very glad I came as the atmosphere, people and lecture were outstanding. Furthermore from gaining memories, knowledge and information I now have the right tools to build my stepping stones into the future!

Student, Summer Residential, July 2014


A quick note to thank you and your team for the excellent Year 11 Summer School. The event was hugely beneficial to our daughter, who now feels far more confident in aiming for a good university, and also gained some good ideas for course options.  She was very complimentary about the ambassadors and appreciated their good advice as well.

Parent of Student, Summer Residential, July 2014


The student ambassadors were all really friendly and helpful. I found it really useful to have the talks on finance because I was concerned about that. This trip has really made me want to come to university now! And it was a shame to have to go home.

Student, Easter Residential, April 2014


Thank you to the ESAs - they were both engaging and informative. Several students commented on how the day had opened their eyes to new possibilities and made them realise how much they need to focus on their current studies in order to reach their goal.

Teacher, Holyrood School Visit, March 2014


I would like to thank you for sending us the two student ambassadors for our Year 12 university information day. As usual they were impressive and enthusiastic and really gave our students lots of useful information and things to think about.

Teacher, Okehampton College, June 2014


I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you and your ambassadors for looking after us so well yesterday. It was a really positive experience for our students and we were delighted with the change in attitude from them. Before getting off the bus we asked them how many had thought they might go to university and 18 responded, after the event we asked them again and 47 replied. That simple response makes this all so worthwhile, particularly with this group of students where the majority have backgrounds with no such aspirations.

Teacher, Axe Valley Community College


The tour around the campus led by a student ambassador was very informative and gave a much clearer picture of what life in general at Exeter university would be like.

Visitor, Offer-Holder Visit Day, March 2014


I liked how honest, down to earth, and eager to answer my questions the ambassadors were. Their enthusiasm for the University really came through, which was very helpful.

Visitor, Offer-Holder Visit Day, February 2014


The student ambassadors were absolutely fabulous- really helpful and chatty and honest too, which is always a bonus on these university-organised events! I learnt far more from talking to the students about life at Exeter than anything else if I'm perfectly honest; they're the ones who've cemented my decision in putting Exeter as my first choice!

Visitor, Offer-Holder Visit Day, February 2014