Student ambassador profiles

Chloe Watrasiewicz

Chloe W

Reason why you applied to be a student ambassador: I love Exeter! I wanted to pass on my experiences at the University to others and to encourage them to also attend Exeter. I found getting advice and opinions from other students incredibly useful when I applied to university and so wanted to be able to pass some of that forward. I also love working with children, and so the opportunity to talk to them about the future and their options going forward was too good to pass up. The student ambassador role also pays well and is really flexible meaning I don’t have to compromise my degree to also be an ambassador. It’s also a really good thing to have on my CV!

Best job you have done so far and why: My favourite job so far has been the summer Open Days in my second year. I was responsible for coordinating quite a few people running the accommodation tours and making sure everything went smoothly. It was crazy and hectic but I had such an amazing sense of satisfaction and pride every time a parent or prospective student seemed really positive about coming to Exeter after one of our tours. To be entrusted with a big responsibility by the Student Ambassador team was really self-affirming and I thoroughly enjoyed making sure visitors had the best experience that they could. My other favourite jobs have always been when children have said that us as ambassadors have convinced them to consider higher education when it did not seem a viable option to them before. 

What you feel you are getting out of it: The Student Ambassador program has given me so many skills. My confidence has massively grown through having to constantly talk to new people. My communication skills are hugely improved and I know now how to tailor my speech to the people that I’m talking to. I have also had the opportunity to develop my organisational and leadership skills, both of which will be invaluable in the future.     

Future career: As an International Relations student I hope to work in the Civil Service, either through the Diplomatic Service or in MI5. I am also considering going into teaching where the skills I have learnt as an Ambassador will be incredibly useful!

Nathan Morgan

Nathan Morgan

Reason why you applied to be a student ambassador: There were two key reasons why I applied to be a student ambassador. The first was the flexibility of the job. Being able to pick when I work appealed to me a great deal as it meant I could cut hours down during deadline periods and when back home in holidays, but equally have more hours during times that are much quieter. The second was my love for Exeter. I’m very proud of the fact that I attend Exeter and having the opportunity to say how great the Uni is and be paid for it; well I couldn’t think of a better circumstance if I’m honest!

Best job you have done so far and why: It is genuinely very hard to pick a job I’ve loved the most, but there are two that stand out to me. The first is taking part in the online mentoring that the University runs in conjunction with The Brightside Trust, as being paired up with a mentee and advising them on their future is a really fulfilling experience. When the project ends and you see the progress you’ve made with your mentee in their decisions, it becomes immensely rewarding too. The most enjoyable would be working on the Open Day Residential. It involved taking a group of sixth formers around Exeter before the open day and allowed me to see parts of the city I’d never seen before – the free pizza sweetened the deal even more! A job that is fun and has free food is instantly brilliant in my books.

What you feel you are getting out of it: The huge variety of work that being a astudent ambassador offers means you learn so much whilst on shift. The skills are undoubtedly a huge gain from the student ambassador scheme. You really do refine your people skills being a student ambassador as so many of the jobs involve talking to people. The conversation is very engaging as well, so it’s not just repetition, it’s intellectually stimulating. My public speaking skills have noticeably improved from being a student ambassador, having led classes and given student life talks. Meeting so many other students! You meet other student ambassadors from all over the Uni and in other year groups which is a massive plus. In normal Exeter life you might’ve never have come across these other students, but because of the scheme you get to become firm friends fast. This is certainly a massive plus of the scheme for me. Finally, the scheme gives work experience is great. When graduating from our amazing Uni, having this as experience on your CV is a brilliant asset. Coupled with getting paid for this experience and having fun getting it, I cannot recommend the scheme enough!

Future career: Tough one, but working in finance definitely appeals to me. I would like to, however, do some more travelling as well. As of yet though, I have no firm plans as of what I want to do in the future.

Rebecca McAuley

Rebecca McAuley

Reason why you applied to be a student ambassador: I remember when I came on my Open Day the most valuable part of my visit was talking to the student ambassadors. I came by myself and I was so nervous about the whole thing, but chatting to the ambassadors made me feel really at ease and was definitely a contributing factor in my decision to come to Exeter. When I started in first year and the opportunity came up to apply, I knew I wanted to be able to give other prospective students the same experience I’d had because I knew what an impact it could have on someone’s day and – ultimately – their decisions about university.

Best job you have done so far and why: This is really tricky because the main thing I love about this job is that there is such a variety of work – it’s impossible to get bored because there’s always so many different opportunities. I really love working on the residentials we run with students of a variety of ages and nationalities – getting to know the students over the course of a few days to a week and developing a friendship with them, creating the sort of relationship where they feel comfortable to ask you anything about university and you feel like you’re really helping to inform them and make a difference to their experience of the residential is amazing. I also really love working on the Uncover Higher Education scheme where we go into local schools and run sessions with students from year 9-11 informing them about higher education. Being able to talk to students who I can really relate to in terms of their uncertainty about whether university is for them and what university actually consists of and being able to reassure them whilst helping them to make decisions about their route after year 11 and beyond is so rewarding.

What you feel you are getting out of it: Doing this job has improved my confidence massively – when I started university the thought of having to do a presentation in front of even as few as 10 people made me want to run a mile, but now they’re practically second nature and I actually really look forward to them and enjoy doing them. It’s also a massively rewarding job, working with students at such vital stages in their education and supporting them in deciding on the next step, whether that’s over the course of a few months or years like the Uncover HE scheme, or just through a 15-minute conversation on an Open Day, really makes me feel like I’m making a difference. I’ve also met some amazing people and made some incredible friends through being a student ambassador. There are such a diverse range of people who do this job, yet we all have a broadly similar mindset in terms of our role as ambassadors. Getting to know these people and work with them regularly is a real perk of the job.

Future career: This is a very scary thought! I’d love to go into journalism and apply my passion for politics and interest in current affairs. I think being a student ambassador has equipped me really well for this sort of career and I’ve gained all sorts of transferable skills and experience that I think will help me at all stages of applying to and hopefully eventually securing my dream job!