Funded projects

There have been four rounds of Seed Corn Funding to date, with 25 projects receiving awards.  In addition, three projects in Public Engagement were funded in 2013 through the RCUK Catalyst and six strategic projects in 2012.

Round 4 (2014)

AcademicCollege/SchoolProject title
Dr Alanna Skuse English, Humanities Surgery and surgically altered bodies in early modern England, c 1580 - 1720
Dr Julian Moger Physics, EMPS Exploring novel applications of non-linear optical microscopy in neuroscience: label-free visualisation of neuronal lipids
Dr Anna Adlam / Dr Het Roberts Psychology, CLES Does working memory training reduce competitive negative thinking (rumination and worry)?
Prof Rick Titball / S Pagliara Biosciences, CLES Single cell microfluidics
Dr Tom Richards Biosciences, CLES Osmotropic transporter functions and the evolution of pathogenesis in the fungi
Prof Andrew Hattersley / Prof John Terry Medical School / Mathematics, EMPS Dynamic mechanisms of diabetes: patient stratification through an integrated mathematical and statistical approach
Prof Andrew Crosby Medical School Establishing community genetics programmes in India and Pakistan
Dr Ivana Gudelj / Prof Rob Beardmore Biosciences, CLES Developing eco-evolutionary mathematical models to combat resistance in cancers
Prof Tamsin Ford Medical School Methodological issues related to the evaluation of complex interventions in schools

Round 3 (2013)

AcademicCollege/SchoolProject title
Dr Alan Brown Biosciences, CLES Use of a murine infection model to study hypervirulent adaptations in Burkholderia cenocepacia
Dr Giles Cory

Medical School

Characterisation of the migratory mRNAome at cell adhesions
Dr Emma Dempster

Medical School

Functional epigenomics at the COMT locus: modelling a gene x environment interaction in vitro
Dr Anna Murray Medical School The epidemiology of reproductive lifespan
Dr Anna Skrzypiec Medical School Controlling stress-induced neuronal plasticity and anxiety - macro roles for microRNAs
Prof Nick Smirnoff Biosciences, CLES Cancer cell metabolomics
Dr Michiel Vos European Centre for Environment & Human Health Targeted genomics to reveal antibiotic resistance genes disseminated by transduction
Prof. Ed Watkins Mood Disorders Centre, CLES Factorial component experiment of internet psychotherapy for depression: proof-of-concept

Round 2 (2012)

AcademicCollege/SchoolProject title
Dr John Chilton Medical School Calcium sensor proteins in neurodegeneration - are they the solution or the problem?
Dr Natalia Lawrence Mood Disorders Centre, CLES Brain training to reduce over eating: A translational pilot study.
Dr Mike Weedon Medical School Identifying non-coding mutations in patients with Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young.

Round 1 (2012)

Academic Project title
Dr Nicole Baur Centre for Medical History, College of Humanities This weather always gets me down - an investigation into the proposed association between mental well being and meteorological parameters
Dr Olivia Champion Biosciences, CLES Variant Campylobacter strains from Asia
Dr Ville Petri-Friman Biosciences, CLES Does rapid bacteria-phage co-evolution affect the success of a clinical phage therapy trial?
Dr Hana Lango-Allen Medical School Genetic causes underlying the association between type two diabetes and learning disability
Dr James Wakefield Biosciences, CLES Generation of affinity purified, fluorescently labelled antibodies to disrupt cell division

Strategic Seed Corn Projects 2012

AcademicCollegeProject Title
Dr Barney Dunn -  Associate Professor CLES, Psychology Do disturbances in reward system function predict current and future mood disorder symptoms and unhealthy lifestyle behaviours? A community cohort prospective study
Prof Rick Titball / Dr Lorna Harries / Prof Rob Beardmore CLES, Biosciences / Medical School Host genotype prediction of antibiotic efficacy
Prof Gero Steinberg CLES, Biosciences The role of motility of early endosome in human Batten disease
Dr Michael Schrader – Associate Professor of Cell Biology CLES, Biosciences Identification and characterisation of the molecular defects underlying a novel disorder affecting peroxisomal and mitochondrial redox balance
Dr Nic Harmer CLES, Biosciences A synthetic biology platform for the production of bespoke polysaccharides
Prof David Melzer Medical School Genomic markers of biological age in human leukocytes

Public Engagement Projects

The Wellcome Trust ISSF award has also been used to support three public engagement projects in 2013 through the University's RCUK Catalyst project

AcademicCollegeProject description
Dr Ruth Garside European Centre for Environment & Human Health To improve public engagement (PE) with scientific research about health and the environment we aim to create a public user group to engage with the work of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH)
Dr Rebecca Langlands College of Humanities Innovative programme of formative evaluation for an upcoming exhibition at the RAMM
Camilla McHugh & Chris Morris University of Exeter Medical School The Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit (PenCRU) has developed an international reputation for involving parents of disabled children and young people (C&YP) in childhood disability research. As a natural next step, PenCRU would like to engage with disabled young people.