Dr Mahmood Javaid.

Dr Mahmood Javaid

Mahmood has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield. His PhD project focused on an empirical framework for the verification of Swarm-based Systems (special form of agent-based systems). He also has an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire.

During and after his studies he worked on a range of projects from porting open-source software to various microprocessor architectures, to sensor-based networks.

After finishing his PhD in Nov 2010, he worked as a Postdoc Research Assistant at the Active Touch Laboratory at the University of Sheffield. He worked on a project called A Wearable Active Sensing Device using Tactile Displays. The project looked at the possibility of augmenting our existing senses with a form of remote touch generated by using artificial distance sensors, such as ultrasound, to stimulate vibrating pads placed against the surface of the head.