Dr Marcus Tuke.

Marcus Tuke

Marcus is a Bioinformatician involved in the Genetics of Complex Traits group led by Professor Tim Frayling at Exeter Medical School. His primary interests involve utilising computational processes and analyses to further understand the genetic heritability of human diseases and traits through variation between individuals.

He has a strong interest in processing and analysing next generation sequencing data such as whole genomes, exomes and transcriptomes in order to assay the genetic variation associated with specific diseases and traits.

Marcus' background is heavily computational. He has extensive experience programming and supporting large computer systems such as cluster computers. He also has experience developing and supporting web applications for multiple users so is experienced in explaining complex computational tools to those with a minimal computational background.

Marcus can provide valuable computational and bioinformatic help to biologists, geneticists, statisticians and other researchers in the field of life sciences who have little or no computational background. He will work hard to gain an understanding of your research, and communicate a solution that can be quickly implemented to aid in furthering your research.

He is competent in numerous bioinformatic alignment, assembly and analysis tools, and has a deep understanding of the Linux command line. He is also competent in programming and debugging using many popular bioinformatic programming/scripting languages, especially: Perl, R, Python, Java, Scala, C++ and shell scripting.