The Exeter Science Exchange brings together an array of our senior academics from across the sciences and humanities in both its expert panel and management board.

Expert Panel

Management Board

Project Support

Project Manager: Dr Helen Butler

Financial Manager: Mike Mullan (while John Hudson is on secondment to CEMPS)

Support Assistant: Lois Spence

Virtual Environments: Richard Holding


Expert Panel Terms of Reference

  • To advise strand leaders on the content, timing and delivery of their work strands.
  • To advise the project manager on tasks and priorities.
  • To decide on the programme of events and activities.
  • To consider and approve (within the overall budget) requests to allocate project funds made under Strand 4.
  • To comment on suggested formats for project activities and communications.
  • To provide advice on expertise and contacts within their Colleges.
  • To act as champions for the project across the University.

Management Board Terms of Reference

  • To provide directional steer to the project.
  • To review progress against work plan objectives and milestones.
  • To receive reports from the four strand leaders and the Expert Panel.
  • To formally approve the budget.
  • To review the risks associated with the project and how they will be mitigated.
  • To provide assurance that the project is being managed appropriately.