Our collaborations have helped raise more than £150million in capital for business.

Our research collaborations

We have formed strategic partnerships with fellow enterprise and research intensive universities in England and Wales.

These collaborations ensure that our research addresses global problems and maximises our impact on business and the public.

By working with us you can also gain access to our network of research collaborations.


The SETsquared partnership is a collaboration set up to encourage business and industry engagement.

You can find out more on our business incubation centres page or the SETsquared website.


GW4 is a collaboration between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.

GW4 enables the member universities to explore and identify opportunities where their combined research strengths can be utilised to solve significant challenges across a range of sectors.

The member universities have a combined total turnover of £1,300million and each has significant research capabilities and facilities.