Advanced Engineering, Data, Energy and Mining

We deliver solutions in computational and networking challenges; high performance nanocomposites; lightweight structures; additive manufacturing; rapid prototyping; manufacturing systems and supply chains; energy harvesting; energy generation and storage; renewable energy; power electronics; vibration serviceability; mining; and policy.

Data Science

Science, society and modern business practices generate data at an extraordinary rate. This creates an urgent and growing need to manage, process and interpret complex, large-scale datasets in order to transform data into informed decisions.

Advanced Engineering and Materials

Whether you are a leading aerospace manufacturer looking to develop high performance nanocomposites or a specialised manufacturer needing a solution for rapid prototyping we can provide you with the solutions to meet your needs.


Camborne School of Mines is an interdisciplinary mining school working at the forefront of a range of geoscience subjects including geology, mining engineering, mineral processing, sustainability and remediation.

Structural Engineering

Our academics are international leaders in research on vibration serviceability and its application to real world problems.

Energy and Marine

We have a broad expertise in renewable energy generation technology, with particular strengths in marine and solar generation.