Cost effective rapid prototyping

Tech company nu desine developed a new musical instrument and controller, the Alphasphere, with the support of the University of Exeter’s Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM).

CALM delivered functional prototypes for nu desine to develop the Alphasphere by assembling and post finishing vital components.

Support from CALM continued as the Alphasphere was advertised to a global market.

CALM were able to offer impartial advice on current commercial manufacturing options available for the product, plus face to face consultation on design for additive layer manufacturing and best practice for laser sintering. They also assisted with parts manufacture using selective laser sintering in nylon.

A spokesman from nu desine said: "Working with CALM allowed us to quickly and cost effectively explore new geometries and optimise the design of the AlphaSphere for both performance and manufacturability."

The Alphasphere is an electronic musical instrument and controller that generates sound based on how much pressure is applied to the pads on its surface.