The University of Exeter is rated among the top 100 universities for the study of arts and humanities in the world. With our expertise in the creative economy, arts and heritage, we deliver inspiring collaborative programmes with museums, galleries, theatres, businesses, NGOs, national networks and international bodies.

Our sector research includes innovation in archive and collection engagement; understanding audiences and influencing new business models; analysing and securing the value of heritage at risk; and specialisms that inform film, television and theatre productions. Some of our projects include:

  • A state-of-the-art Digital Humanities Lab opening in 2017. This will explore new avenues of research with organisations;
  • Programmes that explore international cultural memories and intangible heritage through working with and alongside communities;
  • Building the evidence that defines the relationships between culture and health and wellbeing;
  • Working within the creative economy and understanding its role in place making and the broader cultural ecosystem;
  • Opening up and using the data generated in the cultural sector for the benefit and sustainability of organisations;
  • Archaeological consultancy in major infrastructure projects.

Our partners include internationally renowned sector leaders including the V&A and the BBC; regional change makers including the Cornwall Museum Partnership, Libraries Unlimited and RAMM (Exeter) and innovative businesses that employ 2.6 million people in the South West alone.

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Across our campuses, we have a dynamic portfolio of research that is co-created with artists and academics; our research demonstrates that the arts increasingly contribute to innovative methods and models of working.

Creative economy

As one of the UKs fastest growing sectors, the creative economy has a reputation for being innovative and disruptive, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and changing the ways in which challenges are met.


The University of Exeter has invested £1.2m in a new Digital Humanities Lab which houses specialist equipment and providing space for academics, students and creative partners to research, study and collaborate.