Key contact

Dr Beccy Mitchell, theme lead

Minimising air travel disruptions during volcanic eruptions

Professor Jim Haywood has developed measurement systems to prevent airspace being closed for events like the 2010 Icelandic Eyjafjallajökul volcanic eruption.

Environmental Risk and Resilience

The impacts of environmental risk are felt globally and will only increase in the face of climate change, urbanisation, and population growth. Our researchers are working across sectors and disciplines to provide: Flood modelling and risk management, including modelling of hazards, vulnerability and impact. Also, we focus on:

  • Vibration engineering, including international expertise in structural health monitoring
  • Modelling of windstorm hazards
  • Climate modelling and impacts of climate change
  • Modelling uncertainty
  • Decision making under uncertainty including ambiguity and risk management
  • Corporate reporting and disclosure
  • Human responses to environmental risk

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