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Konrad Paszkiewicz
Senior Experimental Officer
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The DNA sequencing service has access to state of the art facilities.

DNA sequencing service

The DNA sequencing service has top class facilities enabling them to carry out fast, accurate and reliable work to your requirements.


The service specialises in bespoke projects which require specialised library preparation techniques such as:

  • Restriction Associated Digest Sequencing (RAD-Seq). This technique enables large-scale population genetics without a reference genome.
  • Transposon Directed Insertion site Sequencing (TraDIS). Enabling identification of essential genes involved in bacterial pathogenesis.
  • SuperSAGE and 5’CAGE sequencing.
  • Novel chromatin and nucleosome associated DNA sequencing.
  • Small RNA preparation and sequencing.

They can also offer:

  • Genomic sequencing (both de novo and with reference genomes).
  • Transcriptomics (both de novo and with reference genomes).


The Illumina MiSeq is a benchtop sequencing service. Key features include:

  • Multiplex up to 96 samples per run.
  • Get accurate bi-directional amplicon sequencing.
  • Generate more complete de novo assemblies.
  • Sequencing complete in less than two days.

Illumina HiSeq 2500

The HiSeq is a platform enabling the service to support the MiSeq’s capabilities.

It can run in two settings: rapid and high output, which can run independently or in combination. Rapid mode can read more bases than high output mode.

Key features of the HiSeq include:

  • Five whole human genomes sequenced in 11 days (if using both flowcells) or two whole human genomes in three days (Rapid-run mode).
  • Ninety six bacterial genomes can be sequenced in a single lane of a flowcell.
  • Each lane provides approximately 200 million paired-end reads (either 50bp, 100bp or 150bp).
  • Multiple eukaryote transcriptomes can be analysed in a single lane.


The DNA sequencing service serves clients including the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Food and Environment Research Agency, the Forestry Commission and numerous academic groups throughout the UK, Europe and US.

Innovation vouchers

SMEs based in the South West (excl Cornwall) may be eligible for 40 per cent off the cost of collaborating with the University, including access to the DNA sequencing service.

To find out more information about the eligibility criteria and how to apply please visit the Innovation voucher page.