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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Growing businesses with experts in innovation.

Competing in a constantly innovating market requires technological excellence and up-to-date expertise.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) create the exciting opportunity for a business to collaborate in a partly grant-funded project with academics from the University of Exeter. Along with a specially chosen Associate - a high-calibre graduate or post-graduate in the field - the partnership aims to tackle contemporary business problems face-on, and with industry-leading solutions.

KTPs are a low-risk, strategic step-forward supported by funding from Innovate UK. They have a proven and highly successful track record for creating lasting, revenue-enhancing change - and have been doing so since 1975.

What innovation means for us?

At some point every business will need to innovate to compete, and adapt to grow.

For us, innovation means meeting industry-leading knowledge with long-term market strategy to produce creative and profitable solutions for our partners.

The University of Exeter works with over 2000 partners each year, on projects worth a combined value of £86m. Some of the world’s best scientists, thinkers, and innovators are proud to call the University of Exeter their home.

As an academic institution with world-leading expertise in many sectors, the University of Exeter is a fantastic partner for any business wishing to engage in a high-impact, accelerated innovation process.

Some of the sectors we specialise in are: 

Why work with the University of Exeter?

We have an excellent track record in delivering successful, high impact KTPs with companies across a variety of different sectors.

  • We are proud to be the leading leading Knowledge Base partner for KTPs in South West England.
  • We have successfully delivered over 100 KTPs, including one finalist for 'Best Knowledge Transfer Partnership' in 2020.
  • 95% of our KTP applications are awarded funding, with 85% of our KTP projects rated 'good' to 'outstanding'.
  • We have a dedicated KTP Team to guide you through the process