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Commercial intellectual property

We have a comprehensive catalogue of intellectual property available for commercialisation. We also have a catalogue of free intellectual property.

Commercial intellectual property catalogue


Intellectual propertyDescription
Compounds for plant research   A range of novel slow releasing hydrogen sulphide compounds with potential for commercial plant and crop applications.


Intellectual propertyDescription
Stormwater drainage system An innovative concept for a stormwater attenuation system that will offer an effective alternative to traditional structures.


Intellectual propertyDescription
RAM-ALM A modification to the ALM process to allow simultaneous monitoring of component fabrication, materials properties and process temperature.
3D truss structures An engineering design tool comprising a thermo-mechanical efficiency database for 3D trusses.
GraphExeter A novel highly transparent graphene based conductor with potential for application in displays and consumer electronics.


Intellectual propertyDescription
Hydraulic mooring tether and solid core mooring limb Marine mooring tethers based on a novel hollow braided rope design, as a means of securing pontoons, breakwaters, rigs, platforms etc to the sea bed.


Intellectual propertyDescription
Photosensitizer for use in Photo Dynamic Therapy Innovative methods in photodynamic therapy (PDT) research. Useful in the treatment and management of a wide range of skin conditions and diseases.
Anti-inflammatory compounds A range of novel slow releasing hydrogen sulphide compounds capable of mimicking in vivo effects including a novel approach to inhibition of smooth muscle cells.
Assessing susceptibility to Epilepsy This method gives a statistical probability of seizure based on a computational model of the results of EEG analysis.


Intellectual propertyDescription
Student ambassador  A database management tool for coordinating volunteering activity.