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A real time method of controlling additive layer manufacturing has been developed.


A prototype has been developed that uses a novel real-time method to control laser operation in additive layer manufacturing (ALM) and provide real time feedback.

RAM-ALM enables non-intrusive real-time spectral analysis of Raman scattering during component fabrication by selective laser sintering (SLS) which closes the control loop and provides characteristic information of the material structure, topology and the processing conditions*.

Key benefits

  • The method provides direct real-time feedback of the ALM process and enables in-situ non-intrusive control to optimise processing conditions during component build.
  • Provides a quick, relatively unobtrusive alternative to traditional ex-situ surface profiling methods for assessing surface roughness.


Possible applications for the technology include:

  • In-line closed loop process control for additive layer manufacturing processes using selective laser sintering (SLS).
  • RAM-ALM has the potential to greatly expand the performance capabilities of ALM.
  • RAM-ALM mapping can be used to study material behaviour as well as stress fields.

IP status

European patent granted (EP 2 259 912 B1)

Commercial opportunity

We are seeking partners to help develop and commercialise the RAM-ALM technology.

We are happy to discuss collaborative opportunities or are willing to negotiate a license or assignment.


* Using Raman spectroscopy to monitor surface finish and roughness of components manufactured by selective laser sintering. M. A. Beard, O. R. Ghita and K. E. Evans - J. Raman Spectrosc. 2011, 42, 744–748