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Neil Hayes
Commercial Manager
01392 723180

The Stormwater Drainage System has potential for use in underground storage tanks and soakaways.

Stormwater drainage system

We have developed an innovative structure for a stormwater attenuation system that will offer an effective alternative to the traditional square and honeycombed structures in the market

Key benefits

  • The proposed system has the same strength in vertical and horizontal directions and this overcomes the weakness of current systems which are prone to failure under lateral earth pressures. The optimisation is a low cost solution.
  • The novel structure will require significantly less material for the same performance compared with existing products. This will lead to considerable cost saving in material.
  • The compact stacking nature of the structure leads to significant environmental and economic benefits. Existing products all have high porosity (95-97 per cent void), and as a result are very poor in terms of transportation costs from factory to the installation site.


  • Ideal for creating underground storage tanks or soakaways.
  • Stormwater applications where lateral forces may be a factor.

IP status

The structure and build are novel and are currently subject of a patent application procedure.

Commercial opportunity

The University is keen to discuss potential partnerships with a view to collaborations or commercial licensing opportunities.