Reports and publications

Apprenticeship delivery in a hyper-rural setting A case study report for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) written by Dr Andrew Dean exploring the effective delivery of apprenticeships in Nordland, Norway.
The Exeter and heart of Devon skills strategy evidence base An evidence base exploring growth, employment structure, educational attainment and depravation to the development of the skills strategy.
Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) productivity impact assessment framework An assessment of the drivers of productivity, developed to inform investments for productivity led growth.
Lessons for regional and local skills forecasting arising from the work of the European network on regional labour market monitoring Published in Big Data and the Complexity of Labour Market Policies (Larsen et al) 2015. A report exploring good practices and transferable lessons to help the work of regional observatories.
GVA and productivity growth in Devon A review of available evidence on output and productivity growth across Devon.
Trades Union Congress (TUC) learner survey Marchmont have been working closely with the TUC/unionlearn on a variety of projects and activities including a major survey of learners taking part in union learning fund courses.
Skills mapping Marchmont have been working with the West of England Local Enterprise partnership (LEP) to produce a thorough examination and analysis of the data (including a wide range of tables, graphs and charts) describing the pattern of skills provision; how this is changing; how it compares to other areas; and how it appears to fit with industrial / employment structure of the area.
Tackling long term unemployment amongst vulnerable groups synthesis report Published in Sustainable Economy and Sustainable Employment (Larsen et al) 2014.
Evaluation for client of Budmouth College’s Centre of Excellence for Industrial Liaison (CEIL) Marchmont has recently evaluated the Centre for Excellence in Industrial Liaison in terms of the effectiveness of the CEIL on student achievement at post 16.
Aligning the VET System and economic development strategies with the help of effective labour market forecasting (VET-EDS) project reports

Marchmont is coordinating the VET-EDS project. The Literature Review Report presents good practices in the field of regional and local labour market monitoring and reflects on the role of observatories in this process. Regional and local case studies are available for: the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The Local and Regional Compendium of Good Practice contains 41 good practice examples from eight European countries. They show how information from regional and local labour market monitoring can be used for effective alignment of VET policy and economic development planning.

Smart Information Models for Adequately Adapting VET to Labour Market Needs (SIMOVET) reports Marchmont has produced a regional a series of case studies exploring how to better link the supply of vocational skills to their supply. Further reports will explore how the region can advance its data analytics and big data skills.
Chaos and opportunity… The labour market observatories of England Published in Shifting Roles and Functions of Regional and Local Labour Market Observatories Across Europe (Larsen et al) 2013. A report documenting the experiences of labour market observatories in England.
Solent economy, employment and skills reports Marchmont has played a critical role in supporting the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) with its evidence base and has produced a suite of LEP reports helping shape policy.
Group coach competence profile The Competence and Talent Assessment Project (ComTal) was a research project seeking to strengthen small and medium companies survival rate by increasing the skills of their employees. Funded with support from the European Commission the work in the UK has been carried out jointly by an innovative partnership combining the University of Exeter and Business West. The project is run in conjunction with a number of other partners in Europe.
The EU skills panorama: Achieving regional impact A good practice synthesis report produced for the European Commission that made recommendations that helped shape the development of the EU Skills Panorama.