Research and analysis of the labour market

We are a leading Labour Market Intelligence provider in South West England. We provide added value to standard statistical analyses with:

  • Insightful interpretations of raw data.
  • Making the data work for a range of audiences using advanced data visualisation techniques.

We have comprehensive knowledge of workforce dynamics, having conducted extensive research using a wide variety of data sources such as the Office for National Statistics, Economic and Social Research Council and the census, conducting our own surveys, and delivering regular, detailed updates on employment, unemployment, gross domestic product, skills, qualifications and industry sectors in the region.

Current projects

SPIDAS - new data analytics teaching methods for schools. Read more »

REPLAY-VET - meeting unmet replacement demand in the labour market. Read more »

RAINBOW YEARS - new materials to support people in longer working lives. Read more »

Previous projects include writing a handbook on tackling long-term unemployment amongst vulnerable groups written for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Local Economic and Employment Development (OECD LEED) programme and devising the Jersey Skills Strategy for Skills Jersey.