Andrew Southall provides expertise for Exeter businesses

Published on: 18 May 2016

Andrew Southall is currently undertaking a number of business activity reviews.

We are delighted to introduce Andrew Southall to our growing network of experts in the Exeter business community. Andrew is currently undertaking a number of business activity reviews for clients of the Innovation Centre and Exeter Science Park Centre.

Andrew has 34 years of business experience working in a number of sectors including business consultancy to support businesses seeking change.

Most recently, Andrew was a Non-Executive Director for Innovation Centre based, Brain-in-Hand where he assisted with business development and supported the management team. Andrew is now an advisor and investor for the company. He has also supported virtual clients of the Innovation Centre, Care Control and graduate start-up, One Third Stories providing advice about scaling the business and future funding operations.

Andrew also has professional qualifications as a Chartered Geologist and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager. Having run multi-million pound budgets and delivered national-level methodological research contracts in the water industry, Andrew has considerable experience in the application of knowledge transfer partnerships and the development of education partnerships to bring innovation, differentiation and increased profitability to businesses seeking growth.

Currently, Andrew is undertaking a number of 1:1 businesses coaching; working with two water utility contractors and supporting a water industry manufacturer seeking to develop data solutions at scale. Andrew is also working for a niche printing company in Somerset seeking to grow and deliver increased profitability in a tough market.

Andrew has also served 5 years on an EPSRC funded programme of water industry research, plus over 10 years working with The University of Exeter Centre for Water systems where he held a three year Honorary Research Fellowship with published work on water life cycle management.

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