Heritage Innovation and Creative Industries

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With our expertise in Heritage Innovation, Creative Industries and Place-shaping, we deliver inspiring collaborative programmes with museums, galleries, theatres, businesses, NGOs, national networks and international bodies.

Through our research and engagement with external partners, we support the UK’s creative sector to be innovative, collaborative and international. Our use and adoption of emerging and immersive technologies helps to develop new products, services and experiences in a variety of commercial sectors: creative digital media, publishing, performing and visual arts, and film and television.

We hold Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with major South West arts and cultural organisations, including South West Fed, South West Heritage Trust and Powderham Castle.

The University of Exeter is rated among the top 100 Higher Education Institutions for the study of arts and humanities in the world. As one of the UK’s leading centres for research and teaching across a diverse range of subjects, it reflects all aspects of human experience, culture and creativity.

Our specialists can work with you on:

  • Development of new archive materials and interpretation
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Digitisation solutions and training
  • Use of heritage assets in new initiatives
  • Business strategy and governance
  • Investment strategies
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Engaging students, employees and employers in skills development
  • Supporting investment in international cultural programmes
  • Evaluation and impact assessments
  • Multidisciplinary collaborations
  • Creative producing

Partnerships and Collaborations

Exeter Culture – Hosted within IIB, Exeter Culture is an arts development programme supported by a unique multi-partner collaboration across the city. Through providing advocacy, advice and guidance, it aims to amplify and promote the growth of the city’s arts ecology, and was instrumental in gaining the recent UNESCO status. 

Culture Innovation Consultancy – By building project-specific teams of academics and knowledge economy specialists from multiple disciplines and colleges, we provide consultancy to clients nationally and internationally, for public and private organisations, businesses, large-scale institutions and regional initiatives.


Our state-of-the-art £1.2million Digital Humanities Lab is a research space for the examination and preservation of important historical, literary and visual artefacts, and has supported unique insights on Thomas Hardy, the Exeter Book and Powderham Castle.

The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum is a unique research resource used by external researchers from the UK and abroad. Any researcher is able to look at holdings from the collection in our reading room.

Special Collections manages unique and distinct collections of archives and rare books.


Brigid Howarth - Senior Impact and Partnership Development Manager
Email: B.B.Howarth@exeter.ac.uk
Phone: 01392 724315

Belinda Dillon - Impact and Partnership Development Officer
Email: b.dillon@exeter.ac.uk
Phone: 01392 722291