Environment and Sustainability Institute

Case studies

The Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) has already found solutions to challenges facing a number of Cornish businesses, helping them expand and grow.

These case studies are just a few of many examples.

Access new opportunities

See how Buff Design had new business opportunities after working with us.
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Become market leaders

See how we can help businesses become leaders in their fields.
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Build new business partnerships

We can put you in touch with new business partners.
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Build your international presence

Working with us can provide access to international markets.
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Carry out business research

Our graduates can work on key business research projects.
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Cut operational costs

We helped Cornish Sea Salt identify how they could reduce their energy bill.
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Design and test your product

Dartmouth Wave Energy designed and tested their wave pump after working with our academics and students.
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Develop new policies

We can help your business develop new corporate policies.
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Gain new contacts and clients

We can put you in touch with the contacts you need to grow your business.
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Improve finance and sales

We helped Hirst Magnetic Instruments access finance and increase sales.
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Win funding

We can help you win the funding required to get your business off the ground.
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